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Light Boxes Printing NYC

LED Light Boxes may significantly improve your signage and advertising. You’ll already notice light boxes everywhere you go, including in restaurants, shops, and airports. Any company can utilize LED Light Boxes to improve product advertising and branding by giving your posters and designs a luminent shine with an array of LED lights under the print.

Do you want your advertising, artwork, or photography to catch the attention of potential customers? Custom light boxes are a contemporary method that will not let you down. Our personalized LED light boxes add a touch of elegance to your designs, perfectly illuminating any location. The package comes with all the power accessories and tools needed to set up and operate your light box. We even print special backlit film which is ideal for lighting with LED lights and produces vivid, colorful results. Lightboxes used by tenants or individuals are best suited for backlit decals with translucent backgrounds. They are designed to glow brilliantly when exposed to light from a light box or another light source and are digitally printed on transparent vinyl film.

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