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Dry Erase Printing NYC

A dry erase board is a glossy surface that is often white in color and is used for producing markings that are not permanent. This type of surface is also known as a whiteboard, marker board, dry-erase board, dry-wipe board, and pen-board. Whiteboards are quite similar to blackboards, however the surface of whiteboards is much smoother, which makes it much easier to write on and erase writing that has been done on the board. Whiteboards enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity around the middle of the 1990s, and since that time, they have become commonplace in many workplaces, including offices, meeting rooms, and classrooms in schools of all levels.

The term “whiteboard” can also be used in a metaphorical sense to refer to characteristics of computer software applications that resemble whiteboards. These “virtual tech whiteboards” make it possible for one or more users to write or draw images on a digital canvas simultaneously. This is a function that can be found in many different programs, including those for instant messaging, virtual meetings, and collaboration. The term “dry erase” can also be used to refer to whiteboards that have interactive capabilities.

Put a stop to the practice of writing messages on scraps of paper and passing them around to your friends, family, and coworkers! The solution to the mountain of paper that’s piled up on your desk or the countertop of your kitchen is dry-erase prints. They are perfect for putting a list of instructions, saying “Hello,” or leaving a brief message when you are rushing out the door. A requirement for both the home and the workplace! Excellent for either the common area at a dorm or the executive conference room. They are versatile enough to serve as calendars, sports boards, menu boards, or even just plain old message boards.

At Signs City, we stock a wide variety of popular sizes to accommodate a variety of settings, from cramped quarters to expansive areas. You can personalize them with your favorite photograph, an original piece of artwork, or the emblem of your firm.

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